Reasons to Love Your Enemies

We learn from our enemies. We learn from them by watching them, analyzing their actions, observing them and even studying them. Sometimes we learn from our enemies and sometimes we learn from our friends.

Our enemies often share the same views as we do, and we learn from them and they share the same views with us. I don’t see why you shouldn’t learn from your enemies if they share the same view as you do.

So do some research on their goals, beliefs, likes and dislikes and watch what they say, how they say it, who they listen to and read what they read. Learn how they interpret things in order to understand what they want and how they interpret the world.

Understanding isn’t the same as agreeing with your enemy. Understanding someone is when you are able to gain knowledge about a person’s thoughts, emotions, and character. Understanding is something that you do not have to agree with your enemy, but you must agree with them about certain issues.

If you can understand them better than they understand themselves, you will be able to discern how their character shines through. When they cannot speak for themselves, that is their weakness and not their strength.

Your enemy may not be a strong person, but he is an intelligent person who is listening to all of your criticisms and attacks. He can read your mind and make note of what you are saying.

What is his weak point? This is where you learn the most.

He may not be able to read your mind as clearly as you do, but he can judge what you are thinking and feeling. If you are consistent in your criticism of his actions and his words, he will look at you like you are one of his weak points.

You cannot understand him as much as you need to, but you can change his perception of himself, thus making him understand himself better. That is where understanding comes into play.

If you’re attacking him, make sure you know what you’re talking about. Sometimes, you might find that you are the one who is doing the attacking, so there is a need to talk and be civil in the discussion.

It is all in knowing how to talk with people, taking the negative out of negative words, being civil in discussions and knowing when to be silent. Learning from your enemy can make the difference between a peaceful world and a bloody world. That is the goal of every student.